Q: I have a clicking noise coming from the transfer case on my 2001 Land Rover. on 2001 Land Rover Discovery

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It also has a vibration, but may be due to the aggressive new off road tires. The clicking noise sounds like a card in the spokes of a bike. the vehicle runs fine and shifts from lo/hi without issue, but the clicking noise started about a week or so ago. Had the fluid replaced today and still has the clicking noise only when the vehicle is in motion. Any ideas Thanks
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Have it hoisted at a repair shop, run it (in gear) and listen to see if it is the transfer case, or what ever!
did that and the noise is for sure coming from the transfer case. Talked to a land rover repair shop and he advised it was the front drive shaft at the transfer case side. It needs to be replaced at a cost of about 700 dollars. I am going to see if it is something i can do.
Remove that shaft to see if noise is gone to be sure. It will still run on rear shaft. Also, these ol boys at the driveline shop here in Va. can work wonders on a driveshaft, so check around! I,ve had them fix some that everyone else said could not be repaired, just replaced.
I see alot of talk about a cdl? I have the SE7 which only has the LO/N/HI shifter. Will that be an issue if i remove the front drive-line? Thanks for your assistance.