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Q: I have a 98 dodge ram 1500 2wd manual trans and accelerates super slow. on 1998 Dodge Ram 1500

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If stopped, I have to ease on the gas, almost to catch the acceleration, but it does eventually speed up, just really slowly. The rest of the gears are a bit better, but there is just no power to accelerate much at all. If I push the gas to the floor it revs up high, just like it's supposed to in that gear, but just won't power the truck along with it. If starting on an incline, I find myself muttering prayers under my breath that it will make it up the hill and not just die out along the way. The gears all change fine, no problems with the clutch changing them, and I've had it over 100km on the highway, but it took awhile to get up there! I know the throttle cable needs replacing, but in what order would u suggest I try fixing what, first? Also, I have no reverse lights when I shift into reverse, thought I'd throw that one in as well?
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Nope, no light is on. Not the service engine light or any of the low gage lights, the dash is all normal.
Well it's a guessing game without some computer codes or hands testing! Maybe throttle position sensor.??
Check fuses for back up lights. Possible switch on trans. also.
I've had two people say they think it could be the clutch slipping, and so I might need a new clutch kit, but I don't quite understand their reasoning? I'm not all that mechanically inclined, but would I not be having problems changing gears or feel/hear something different with the clutch when I press and depress it? The gears all slide in and out nicely and the peddle feels perfect, not too spongy or stuff or anything, so how could it be the clutch slipping? Also, I forgot to mention that when I bought the truck the clutch was toast, and "apparently" a new clutch kit was installed, but now I'm told they only installed the slave ??cylinder?? (Is that what it's called?) and so that now puts me well past and beyond my understanding of what's going on entirely, so I'm now asking if someone might please explain any of this to me if at all it has any relevance to the issues I'm having, as well as ur opinion as to what I should do next if it is or what I should do if it's not!! I now throw my hands up in the air and shake my head (and hope that it doesn't rattle like I'm sure my truck is going to start doing if I don't get this problem fixed soon!! Haha Thank you for your input and help so far, it is more sincerely appreciated than you could possibly know!!
The best thing for you to do is get a mechanic to take the truck for a spin. "IF" it's a mechanical problem, ie clutch, mechanic will find that right away.
Experienced mechanic will probably tell you what it is IF it's not a mechanical problem. Your truck needs to be looked at!
One of the opinions that it is the clutch slipping did come from a mechanic, and then when he told me the bill is going to run between $800-$1000 to get it fixed, I thought I would try and get a different opinion in the hopes that he was wrong, and therefore the cost of the repair would be wrong as well?! One can always hope though, cuz last time I checked, HOPE was still FREE!! *wink*
i have a 98 dodge ram 1500 having the same problem....i bought the whole clutch kit and had it installed and the problem still exists
Ok, thank you so much for that information, because I really can't afford to be spending any amount of money "testing" out different theories on what the problem "might" be! I was still driving it up until a few weeks ago, even though I was having these issues with it, and it almost seemed that when it warmed up it would start driving a bit better, but while driving down the highway heading back home the other day, it just up and died completely! I thought it had just run out of gas, but a friend driving by stopped and towed it to his place and had a look at it, and said it wasn't out out of gas, and suggested putting new wires and distributor cap on it, which of course... didn't work. So now the coil is what's been suggested next, but does any of this have anything to do with my original problem? I've read a couple other posts on here re: other trucks just up and dying like mine just did, but is there any relation between the two issues, or are they both different entirely? I'm about ready to call the tow truck at the auto wreckers here soon, but I love my truck and I know it has so much life left in it, if only I can find out what the hells wrong with it, so I can fix the damn thing!! Anything...ANYONE??!!
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