Q: i have a 96 suzuki sidekick and i think i need to change oil pump where is it located on 1996 Suzuki Sidekick

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it started knocking yesterday and then died and restarted so i parked it
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the oil pump is on the front of the engine on the crank behind crank pully timming cover and belt and timming belt pully/cog parts would include timming belt oil pump and seal kit water pump timming belt oilpan gaskit 8v note you can not use a gaskit if you have a crank sensor 16v and the job is complex and by no account small 4x4 is evin worse if you get a manual they lie the tork #s are all wrong in every book find the #s online the crank bolt should be 94 ftlbs if it tells you 40 something the numbers are outdated
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