Q: i have a 95 ranger with 3.0 it has a miss on #5 can't find it on 1995 Ford Ranger

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we changed the head gaskets and intake gaskets new ignition coil new plugs and wires tested the injectors had 14.6 oams. it keeps poping a PO305 code. also has new valve job done on when we done head gaskets. thanks
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I just did 1995 ranger 4.0 bad computer.. drove me nuts because i couldn't fine one send out to be repair they told that they couldn't fine the problem sent a used computer that was bad . the told me I'am miss diagnosis ..well any i sent it back with wire diagram !!! guess next computer work.. check the cylinder injector that is missing .. if hot with key on ..use a noid light if u have them will stay on with no blinking p/s mind was #5 too!!!! good luck