Q: I have a 94 Honda Accord thatwill crank but not fire. on 1994 Honda Accord

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My husband has changed the distributor, the computer, the battery,checked the fuel pump, and changed fuel filter. We cannot figure out what it is. It sounds like it is out of gas but has half a tank. Also my husband fixed a window that would not go up by using the battery, by doing something with hot and ground but cannot find any fuses blown.
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check fuel line if has gas and pressure, next check fuel pump has power if not replace your main relay. good luck
What is the main relay? The fuel pump has power and the lines have pressure. Where is this relay located?
under dashboard driverside usually big brown color relay because over the time honda relay gets hot damages the soldering electrical connections. the fix if you know someone to clean the relay and put it back together saves you from buying the new one about 130 at the dealer. recheck your distributor connections and recheck all plugs and wires if has sparks.
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