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Q: I have a 2008 Jetta. Engine light came on recently. on 2008 Volkswagen Jetta

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One garage said thermostat needed replacing. Second said thermostat and several gaskets and a temp sensor. The light went off by itself and the temp gauge is staying at a neutral point. Is there a way to know if you need to replace this immediately or can it go a while? Ive also looked up how to change myself as I can buy the part for 30 bucks and mechanics want $500! Could I pull off the fix on my own?
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I did go to Autozone and they gave me the code as P0456 - EVAP
System very small leak detected - Explanation:
A loose, defective or missing fuel cap (it was not the case for me)
Probable cause: 1) Faulty vent solenoid
2) faulty purge control solenoid
3) faulty fuel tank pressure sensor.
I am blessed with an honest shop where I live and he advised me to check it out and that they would charge $109.00 for the diagnostic. He gave me time to think what I want to do and assured me that I would not "blow up my engine" (that is what I said I was afraid of. I will go and have them do whatever it takes to fix it.
Need some more information. When the check engine light comes on, the vehicle computer is registering a component that is not operating correctly. The computer has codes for each component and the codes are stored with in the computer. If you take the vehicle to napa, auto zone, ect they will pull the code for you for free. Once you have the code, we can be of more assistance to you in the proper diagnosis and repair of the problem.
Ok. Neither garage gave me the actual codes. They both checked and both said, "thermostat". Only one garage also noted "temp sensor".
First off, I would find out which DTC code is stored in the ECM. If it is P2181 Malfunction in the cooling system or cooling system performance, then I would recommend to replace the thermostat and the coolant tempsender. Depending on the type of engine you have (2.0T, 1.9TDI, or 2.5L) would depend on how much the thermostat would cost to replace. It is not a very easy job though.
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If it had a temp sensor code VW had a problem where the coolant temp switch would intermittently go "open" circuit setting a code.
Don't ask the garage. Go to autozone parts store or napa auto parts and get it read again. Then post what it says on the receipt they give you. They read for free.
x2! If it is a thermostat issue you will have either lower than normal, higher than normal, or a fluctuating operating tempature. But for sure dont go back to the shop to get the codes, go get the freebies.
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