Q: I have a 2007 solara with a HID headlight. The light comes on when I start the on 2007 Toyota Solara

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car but it turns off after about 10 minutes. It is onloy the passenger side. I replaced the bulb but the problems persists. Is this a problem that Toyota is having with many of its cars or just mine?
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The socket which you put the new bulb in could be dirty and corroded. Take out the bulb and clean the connection the best you can. You can scrape it out with a small screwdriver, maybe wire brush, but try to clean it out the best you can, then dab a little diaelectric grease on the contacts, put bulb back in and see. If that fails, then the socket will need replacing. But try cleaning it first, I had the same problem with mine about a month ago, and it's been fine since.