Q: i have a 2006 sorenta kia wont start on 2006 Kia Sorento

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my 2006 sorenta kia wont start. when i open the door or turn the key the horn blows and lights blinks for a while then stops then starts again. i had the battery charge so thats not it. i don't hear no clicking or nothing ! any one has any ideas?
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Don't quite understand the specifics of the question. When you say 'turn the key' is it the door lock or the ignition switch you're turning? The answer might give us a little more to go on. Also when the battery was charged was it in the car still connected to the car cables? Was it tested -possibly a bad cell?
Sounds like the factory alarm system is keeping you from starting the car. If thats the case your going to have to consult the owners manual or your local Kia dealer to help you figure out a way to bypass the alarm. On some factory alarms there is a programming or valet button that when held down after the ignition is set to position II or III will temporarily disable the system allowing for the car to turn on.