Q: I have a 2006 corolla. This past week it barely cranks and after errands it wont on 1995 Toyota Corolla

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I have a new starter, new battery, alternator is fine. I had it diagnosed at dealership and they said it was the starter and I need transmission work done soon but wouldn't stop it from cranking. A mechanic rechecked and the starter is fine. We tried to crank it in neutral, tried the switch in on position and wipers come on but doesn't turn over, tried a new ignition controll switch it is doing the same thing. I had high hopes for my Toyota, someone please HELP!
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Any lights in the dash on with engine running? When it is acting up, can you jump start it? I am going to say alternator since after driving, it wont start. However if it doesn't crank with a jump, then more likely starter.
You had Toyota diagnose it , but did they do any repairs? Where is the new starter from? Aftermarket? Possibly the starter IS defective.How is your mechanic testing it? When you try to crank it is it getting the correct signal at solenoid wire? Is there full battery voltage (constant) at the main cable to starter? Who installed the 'new' starter and how long ago? --------Just random questions that may or may not help.
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