Q: I have a 2004 convertible. The top will not open completely. I have 93,000 miles on 2004 Volvo C70

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on the car. Prior to this happening, the top would not close totally on it's own. I had to push it down about 2 inches and then it would completely close. Possible problem and what may need to be replaced?
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There are so many moving parts and sensors that can cause problems with your roof. It's likely one of the switches are misadjusted or not working, but it's hard to know. I strongly suggest taking it to a Volvo shop, they will have the tools needed to diagnose and repair this problem.
Good Luck.
Thanks Bret,
I did take it to the Volvo shop. Great service. It was evidently a sensor. It cost a pretty penny. New: Yesterday, my Check engine light came on. The engine runs great. Nothing abnormal noted--ie. no hesitation, no odd sounds, no smoke, so I wonder if you've had this happen. Could it likely be a notation to get routine service done?
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