Q: i have a 2004 645ci convertable. I noticed that it seem like the roof not closed on 2004 BMW 645Ci

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the warning light and bell goes off even though the roof is closed. the problem is the controls seem to freeze and the red light stays on near the dash board and I need to either drive for a while, go over a few bumps or push down the corners and it get lucky and it just goes off,. I open and close the roof and then it happens the next day again
please advise- need oiling, resetting ??
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The tops on these cars are very complex and it has a variety of sensors to monitor the movement of this top every step of the way. if ONE sensor reads out of position, it will stop the operation of the top. The only way to know which sensor is out of sequence, is to have a BMW scanner hooked up to it. I have fixed a few that only needed a sensor adjustment and I have had some that actually had a faulty sensor.