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Q: I have a 2003 Monte Carlo SS and the service traction system comes on what is it on 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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I wanna know why does the service traction system comes on and go off on my car I have a 2003 Monte Carlo SS
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ABS light stays on but mii services traction system light come on when I start the car but goes off in 10seconds
The ABS system is hydraulic and electrical, NO VACUUM.
Vacuum is only use for assistance in pressing the brake pedal.
Any time there is a problem with the ABS/Traction Control systems it is always an electrical problem. Scan computer for codes and always remove positive battery cable before working on system. If scan show a wheel sensor circuit fault pull and clean the sensor connector.
A lot of times you will get a small amount of surface oxydation pulling the connector and working it on and off with the help of electrical contact clean will clean the remove ABC module connector by pulling slide toward fender and connector will pull away from unit. Clean with electric contact cleaner. NEVER USE CARB CLEANER, DO NOT put dielectric grease into contacts in connector. Just on the o ring or silicone seal and the back side of the connector to seal out moisture
If this does not
GM connectors are not the best and the contact do get oxydation on they.
If you get a wheel sensor circuit code try cleaning the connector with an electic contact cleaner.It will not hurt the plastic but it will help clean the metal contact. Also work the connector on and off a number of times the help remove the oxydation from the contacts. Use dielectric grease on the connector seal and outside where the wires go into the connector to seal out moisture. DO NOT put dielectric grease on contact themselves. Over time it WILL ca6se the contacts to be intermittent and drive you nuts trying to find the problem.
If you are told you need a new ABS UNIT try this first, remove positive battery cable, remove ABS module connector, remove the 4 torx screws from the ABS module. (DO NOT TOUCH THE HYDRAULIC SIDE OF THE MODULE) If you do you will have to go to the dealer to have the ABS module bleed, a d NO you can not do it at home. You need a special tool to activate the module to bleed it correctly .
After the screws are removed use the plast7c trim tool or stiff putty knife the separate the electical side of the module from the hydraulic side, there is RTV that seal the module and be careful not to plung the tool into the module, just a little carb cleaner and gentle pressure from the putty knife will open the module.
Once the two half are apart you will see the black connector on the bottom inside 8f the modle. This connector connects the two halfs on the modle electrically. Remove this plastic piece, clean the contact on the electical side of the module that you have removed and the hydraulic side of the module. Press the coneector half way on and put the two halfs of the module together after putting a thin layer of RTV on the module and let it set for 15 minutes before assembling the module. Snug up the 4 screws, put the module connector back on and reconnect the battery cable. Turn on the ignition key and see if the traction control switch turn on and off the TRAC light on the instrument panel if it does start the car.
The ABS and Traction control light should go off after 10 - 15 seconds. Drive the car as normal, you will need about 40 drive cycles for the car to be able to connect to inspection station computer. (A drive cycle is - cold start(ambient temp)-drive over 40 mph, reach normal operating temp, turn car off)
And NO just running the car in your driveway will not do it, tne car must be driven.
any other questions you can send me a msg to
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