Q: I have a 2003 ford e350 van with a 7.3l dit and what it does when you drive it on 2003 Ford E-350

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for about 100 miles or so the engine starts to jerk and loose power also stalls and with not restart for around a couple of minutes there is not fault code in the system van has a new on rail fuel pump,tank has been boiled out and cleaned,has a new sending unit with strainer in tank,has a new fuel filter,and finally a new cmp sensor,please help
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wow alot of things have been done already. do you know what the fuel pressure is at the frt fuel filter. it should be like 60 lbs while at cruize.did you repl frame rail pump with motocraft or aftermarket BECAUSE aftermarket will not keep f.p high enough to keep eng running at times
yes its a motorcraft replacement pump from the dealer,could the fp regulator cause this problem?
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