Q: i have a 2002 jetta wont shift gear in the morning on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

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i have a 2002 jetta that we have only had for 2 weeks and just last week when i leave in the morning my car doesnt want to shift. its an automatic. but when it finally shifts its great the rest of the day any1 no what could be the problem?
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Sounds like sticky governor in trans.Try some seafoam TRANS TUNE additive.
Cold gov. more likely to stick,then after it warms up it's ok. MAYBE MAYBE NOT!!
yeah when its warmed up its fine? so u said to try seafoam trans tune additive? how do we do that
sorry to ask so many questions.
we already have and everything thing seems fine except for the hose that needs replaced thats all that showed up on it
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