Q: I have a 2002 honda crv. The key cannot get in the lock anymore on both doors on 2002 Honda CR-V

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What do I need to do to fix this problem?
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Have you used the keys recently or only the remote. Unused locks can freez up . I would use door lock lubricant and try it agan.
I cannot not get the key into the lock for a long time. I have tried to lubricante the lock but it did not help. This crv does not have a remote.
Then lock cylinders needs to be replaced.
Years ago in my town idiot kids played that they dripped Super Glue into car's doorlock cylinders.
Thanks! Do you know where I can buy the lock cylinders and is it very difficult to replace them?
I would suggest a salvage yard but in this case you going to have an other key for doors.
The inner door covers needs to be removed to get excess to lock cylinders . Not that hard to replace.