Q: I have a 2001 town car and the air suspension will not work! on 2001 Lincoln Town Car

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All fuses are good, jumped compressor at relay-works, replaced air suspension mod. Sensor was removed- height sensor- it appears ok. Bags are completely flat Help!!!! No trouble light at dash unit will not come on!!!
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You might consider to just retrofit it too regular rear springs and shocks. After market kits are available and work good. Not hard to do and save money in long run. But if you want keep it original best find someone with ford scanner to do diagnostics. Old NGS or MDI should work on this car. The common failure is rear bags start leaking and pump runs too much and fails. So most of the time it has failed rear bags and a pump to begin with. In some cases, when the car drops all the way down, the module will not attempt to raise it due to an erroneous height sensor reading. Also it requires a memory reset to get replacement pump running. Also if you can make pump run check to see if its putting out pressure. It has a drier that can fail and stop air from passing through it too.
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