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Q: I have a 1996 nissan altima gxe. Over the past few months, will not start on 1996 Nissan Altima

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Car will not start at times just clicks when the ignition key is turned, takes everal tries. I have replaced the starter, battery, ignition relays, check grounds. Any ideas what it could be?
Could be a problem with your ignition switch or lock cylinder. Maybe neutral safety switch or clutch pedal switch if standard transmission. Is is auto or manual transmission?
It's automatic. I've even cleaned the grounds. This is how it broke down: the car takes several tries to start it up by turning the key in the ignition. It was more reliable to start the colder it was outside. However, starting it has become more and more scarce, meaning more tries with the key. Now, when I can get it to start, the starter will stop turning before the car starts. That's why I put in a new starter. Just to let you know, new relays, new battery as well. Any clue? Thanks.
Have you had battery tested since you got it? Maybe constant draw draining down when not in use. If for sure ok- consider replacing your battery cables, maybe corosion down in cable that you can't see.
Thanks for all the help so far. Don't think it's the cables because it did start once in the garage after the new battery, starter were put in. The cables have no corrosion on them. The terminal that connects to the starter even looked very good. There is a red connector that has two plug in connectors, one wire each that is part of the positive cable. This connector does not look that good. Maybe there? Possible ignition?
Maybe there. I'd research to see if you can eliminate and just run all wires into new cable end. Not sure what that connection for but obviously reason. I don't want to say do for sure though if my car I'd take chance as long as cable long enough to cut off and wire directly into another terminal end.. Maybe partially burnt inside where connections made.
Thanks. At this point, I am going to cut the cables and use new connectors. Couldn't hurt. Do you think it could be the ignition switch? When it started to act up, It would start after the ignition key was turned 2 or 3 times to the start position, it then got worse, turning the key 15 times or more to start the car. The cars relays all click when I turn the key and the fuel pump starts as well. I just want to cover as much as I can before I give up and have it towed.
I'd start with cable first though consider doing more than just connectors cuz maybe burnt connections down inside. Yes could be ignition too- could be electrical part or cylinder. Is possible too maybe problem within your neutral safety switch too.
Thanks again, I will replace the entire plug connector assembly tomorrow. If that is not the issue do you think the next check would be the ignition switch or neutral safety switch? I will touch base tomorrow after I change the connectors and plug. I hope I get lucky. Tired of this Nissan!!
Well could certainly be your problem! Just make sure that wire will reach once cut lol Hopefully you'll be messaging back that it's all fixed!!
Just changed out the connectors and no luck. Not sure what to try next. There is a plug that goes to the starter. It is plugged in correctly but I am wondering if it could be in there. Any more thoughts?
Oh man lol Well yeah could be there too- just need to make sure each connection is clean and tight. When doesn't start will jump start work everytime or make no difference?
I can try that but the battery is fully charged and brand new. Connections are tight. I used ring terminals for the two plugs I took off. There is a small wire that goes to the solenoid that plugs in. Maybe that is broken somewhere up the line. The ignition switch is 60 bucks at rock auto. Is there anything else you can think of I could check? Thanks for everything so far.
Your welcome. I'm a parts guy and not a mechanic but deal with this stuff alot. That small wire should head up to ignition switch. That completes circuit when you turn the key inside. The only other thing in the mix would be neutral safety switch. This so that will not start when not in park or drive. Gosh wish i was better with electrical cuz got to be other checks that you can simply do on your end as tests.
I will keep checking and let you know, Ignition, wire from starter to ignition. The neutral safety switch could be a problem as well and I have not looked at that yet. If I don't figure it out with these last checks, we are taking it to the shop. It's nice chatting with you. I really appreciate all the help. I will stay in touch. I found the problem! The 2 screws that hold the ignition wires to the switch were loose. Tightened them up and problem fixed.
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