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Q: i have a 1996 astro it won't start what could be the problem? on 1996 Chevrolet Astro

i had change the fuel pump twice psi above 60,replace the temperature sensor,throttle sensor,ignition coil,spark plugs,map sensor and the sensor in the distributor.can you help me?and still won't start
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Does it crank over at all? Do you have any check engine lights on? If so, please post codes. Have you checked the starting motor and starter solenoid? Need a little more info. or take to a shop for diagnosis.
thank you for your help.the problem with my astro van was the ignition timing.the chain was stretched which causes the rotor in the distributor to shift off number 1 spark plug hence causes no start and hard start.
Check your fuses first. You may have a blown ECM fuse. If it cranks, check the basics. You said you have 60+ psi fuel pressure, what about spark? Is there any? If there is spark, do a compression test. Unplug the Fuel Injector connector and use a noid light and see if there is pulse. If you have access to a scan tool (not just a code scanner) watch the engine RPM value while you are cranking the engine. Does it show RPM? You have lots of stuff to check.
the spark is good,fuses are all good the engine turns ok,had the timing it is set but whenever i advance the distributor it start rite up but throw a lot of black smoke probably it is a sensor,i don't have a scan tool.i will have someone scan it for me.
Lots of black smoke would mean it is running waaayyyy rich. There were some serious injector unit issues in those years. After it started, if you help the accelerator pedal down for a few minutes, did the smoke clear up and the van run normally?
when ever the engine accelerate it smoke much more,but whenever the engine runs without the thermostat the smoking stop.with the thermostat in the engine run at normal operating temperature,it is not overheating.what could be the cause?
You could have a few issues. With the thermostat out, the engine will run colder and the coolant sensor will send this reading to the ECM. The ECM has a different fuel and timing control program for Cold Start/Warm Up (OPEN LOOP) operation than for (CLOSED LOOP) Normal Operating Temp operation. If the smoke is there when the van is at normal temp, then you either have an injector leakage problem, or another sensor is causing the ECM to command a higher fuel flow rate than it should. You need a scan tool for diag to see the ECT, TPS, O2 Sensor, MAP/BARO Sensor and RPM parameters. You really need to take it to a shop and have an Injector Balance Test done first, then have it scanned and find out what is reading wrong if there are no injector issues. I will say again though, THERE HAVE BEEN LOTS OF INJECTOR ISSUES WITH THAT SETUP.
i had my vehicle scan and two code was presented.code p0135 and code p1406,code p0135 was for the o2 sensor and p1406 was for the EGR valve.after fixing these problems my van is now working the way it use is starting very easily.thank you very much for your kind cooperation.
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