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Q: I have a 1991 buick park avenue and it will not start unless the doors are open on 1991 Buick Park Avenue

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why does the car shut off
no its factory but this has happen before and it fix it self we put our seat belt on and the car started I had no problems for at least 6 months now its doing it again
From your further explanation I agree with globalhelper. Your best bet is to get as close to a factory (if not factory) wiring diagram of security and starting systems. check all common points. If the security is tied into the power locks then there may be a broken wire in the harness between the body and drivers door, or poor/corroded contact(s) in a connector there.
thanks for your input I do think it is a short some where we will keep looking if you think of any thing else please let us know
Shorts blow fuses or connect a wire(s) to an incorrect source.OPEN circuits are exactly that--'open'--. Is it ONLY the drivers door that needs to be open to start it , or can that be closed and one of the others opened? I'm curious.
you have to have both doors open to start it if you close the doors the car shuts off you can drive if you click the doors one time not all the way close it will stay running close them shuts off last time this happen we put the seat belts on and fix the car till now its nuts

I'm still thinking....are the dome light switches in the latch on that model , or are they seperate on the door pillar? If they are on the pillar see if the car shuts off when you push them in as if you're closing the doors. Just a brain fart I had.....If I think of anything else or can get ahold of schematics I'll reply further.
I'm starting to get a headache from thinking. Have you had any luck finding a wiring diagram for both systems (starting and security)? Something with a description of HOW the systems operate and what they have in common. I still think that would be your best option with doing your own troubleshooting. Good info always makes the job easier. Of coarse the term 'easier' may not be the best word! If it's not a big deal , maybe you can pull the door panels and unplug the latch switches --IF they are a 'normally open' circuit when the door is closed , then unplugging them will allow you to drive around with your doors closed all the way , at least. And that might help a little further in narrowing down the cause. Good luck.
I will try this thanks for helping us I will let you know what happens we are not going to do this it doesnt solve the problem and my boyfriend is a mechine he says its alot of work to do and it doesnt solve anythig i need to know the problem dealing with this a long time but thanks any other solutions please fill free to share
Is he at a shop with access to 'alldata'? He can get wiring diagrams and sometimes descriptions of how the systems interact with each other , which would help troubleshooting without any disassembly until you know your more in the area of the actual cause. Good luck and I am curious to know what the solution finally ends up being (as will anyone else following this I'm sure).
he does have wiring diagram and seat belts and security and the key are linked we had problems sometimes with key you could not turn key on then it work for some strange reason see them keys have chips in them it would clear up
all theses are link but what do with it he has checked for shorts there are none so where do we go from here
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