Q: I have a 1982 S10 just got. Something under the dash that operates the clutch on 1990 Chevrolet S10

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wont start out of gear. So need to push clutch in. worked when given to me. is there a way to bypass that switch under dash?? how do i fix this problem?? truck does run
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Are you saying it wont start at all? You have to push the clutch in to crank it, that is how it is designed, clutch SAFETY switch is supposed to keep it from cranking in gear!
No, It Runs. I Can Pop The Clutch. But That Switch Is Not Working Correctly. Is There A Way To Bypass It??
Can You Give Me An Idea Where The Safety Switch It's Located?? Also Thank You For Your Help.
Top of the clutch pedal, make sure it is this switch first may need some help from a mechanic! Can check small wire at the starter for power when someone pushes clutch and tries to crank. Good luck.