Q: I have a 1969 it has no electric power no lights no nothing. on 1990 Buick Riviera

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when you turn the key nothing no red ignition light no headlights no power anywhere and yet when i use a remote starter switch i can get the motor to crank. has new battery and cables.
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The remote starter works by hooking up to the starter solenoid directly so you must have a bad ignition switch, Check that for power coming through it with a 12volt meter
Hi, I have a Riv 1989....this "same" situation happened to me last week! My battery
tested with 13 volts AND dropped to 10 volts....using a battery "load tester". What
it meant was that "something" was pulling the voltage down too far to even light
the lights! So I jacked up the front, took off the plastic cover (keeps dirt out from
the bottom of engine)....tapped lightly - LIGHTLY on the STARTER using hammer,
then put in a healthy battery...started just like usual! -
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