Q: I have 95000 miles they want me to change the fluids in trans and brake. Cost?? on 2006 Honda Accord

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I have 95K miles on my 06 accord and they (the dealer) want me to change the trains and brake fluid. Most miles are highway and I am a conservative driver. How much should it cost, can I go to someone that is not the dealer for cheaper? All of my service has been with the dealer. I have no problems. They say it is dirty.
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I just changed my brake fluid and trans fluid, power stear fluid. The cost was 119.95 for each except I think
one of them is 79.95. I only have 24k. I don't use my car that often. They said, they should be changed every 3 yrs. I can tell the difference. Ask for a discount, they could give you 10% off.
You should replace transmission fulid every 30k. And as for the brake fluid, if you take your car for service it should have been check every time you serviced the car.
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