Q: I have 94 Nissan Maxima gxe...tail light/side marker/dash/gear light out on 1994 Nissan Maxima

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Turn signal light ....headlight and brake light work fine what should I look for? Is there a common connection?
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If you have the owners manual it will help find the proper fuse. Index in back of book.
I did what u suggested....there was a blown tail light fuse and I changed it out and fuse blew again..I did do anything to the car expect replace a. Engine control fuse in engine tha was 25 amp with a 30 amp and five days later tail light fuse blew think there is a connection?
How long did the new tail light fuse last? Did it blow right away or after a day or so? Replace it again and pay attention to what you do to make it pop again! Are you using say a cell phone charger or other devise? What makes it blow? Any add on equipment, items in trunk moving around and hitting wires ect? Any park lights broken/cracked as to let water in?