Q: i have 20 compression only , it will not start but will turn over.poured oil to on 2000 Jaguar XJ8

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turn over greatly,but being told i need engine because saw scrapping at bottom of engine by using some type of camera.
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If you doubt what you are told seek a second opinion....but I must admit if you have only 20psi of compression it sounds fessable that the engine is toast.
I didn't like the answer because you gave the same answer everyone else did, now I see that you and everyone gave me a correct answer and the majority wins. Now I have to get an engine, you have to obey those engine lights or you will be buying an engine, not cheap and having it installed isn't cheap, you are talking around 3,500 dollars or more and this is cheap. thanks for your opinion. This goes out to everyone who replied to my question, I hope this gets out to everyone who sent me an answer, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR, I going to have good holidays even though I have to take care of my JAG.
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