Q: I have 2 codes,O2 sensor bank 1 and evap, have any suggestions 2 do 1st? on 1999 Toyota Solara

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The check engine light is on and its stopping me from passing inspection. I have replaced the o2 sensor on the headers but still having problems. I replaced the gas cap as well. Where do I go from here? And if I was to take it to the much do you think it would cost me. I don't want to be overcharged because Im a woman. Happens all the time.
(2) Answers
i would clear the codes see which one comes up first, the evap code could be a air line broken somewhere what are the specific codes you are getting?
if you have a 4 cyl i had the same problem there is an overdrive button on the gear shifter click it till you see od /off on your tack and mine went off ive been drivin like that for a year no eng light ive tried higher octane but it came back on dont ask me how but it worked
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