Q: I had the LF bearing hub replaced, and all the ABS warning lights came on! on 2002 Mini Cooper S

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the ABS, DSC, Runflat and Brake warning lights came on and wouldn't go off. And the speedo would 'flutter" every so often. The shop claims they did not touch the speed sensor for that wheel, and that its the ABS module...and a coincidence! Could this simply be a need to reset a computer or something like that?
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Thanks, I would, but its still at the shop. Their scans pointed to a faulty ABS module, as they said "...its tops on the list of probable causes". They removed the module and blew some moisture out, but the problem continued. Plus they found a TSB that pointed to problems with that part, but its so hard for me to buy the coincidence argument. This is my 1st time with these guys...I thought I'd try them because they specialize in BMW & Audi repair. Again, is it possible that a system re-boot (disconnect the battery, poke the paperclip in the little hole (haha) could be a solution?
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