Q: I had sensor's tested because while driving car cuts off. What to fix now to run on 1994 Cadillac DeVille

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the sensor tester pulled up 13 oxy sensor, 15 high, 17 cam shaft 2 RPM signal prob,18 poss blown fuel injector, 19 Ignition intermitten 7x or 58x or signal 6x,39 TCC circut fault,44 left side dual oxy,43 spark control,electronic timing EST circut low voltage detected ,47 current knock sensor module error inside computer, 51 computer prob installed PROM circut or ECM/PCM failure,53 to high over 17.7 volts to ECM or EGR system fault alternator volts not normal or anti theft system failure, 55 electronic control module ECM fault or oxy sensor failed EGR solenoid #3 fail 3.8, 74 traction control circut control low. What to fix first to keep vehicle running w/out cutting off while driving?.
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Reset will codes and start over ,disconnect battery ,reset codes ,drive it 3 miles then take codes...
if it cuts off while driving-and starts back up--II replaced the cam shaft sensor on mine to stop it. It worked. They tend to go bad and overheat--stall you.
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