Q: I had a used rear end installed, when I turn the rear wheel makes noise
on 2000 Chevrolet Express 1500

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I have 100k and my differential disintegrated. I had a Chevrolet dealer install a used rear end. All new seals bearings where installed. Now whenever I turn the Rear wheel makes a rubbing noise. Just had new brake drums, pads, springs, calipers & tires put on about 1k miles ago. Any ideas?

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is it a possitract rearend?? if so did they put the possi additive in. same happened to my dodge.
Thanks for the input. Is the possitract good or bad? What do I need to do now? The noise seems to correspond with the wheel speed & does not happen when I go strait.
possi not necessarily bad , did you add the additive?? 8-10 bucks mine did the same thing someone changed rear end oil and did not add the stuff before i bought it . added possi aditive and it worked fine.
Open the pumpkin and take a look at the spider/side gears. Check the magnet. Sometimes used rears are just as bad if not worst than the one your replacing. I just did mine, but opened it up first.
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