Q: I had a engine power loss I have no spark at terminal 1 or 2.. on 1992 Chevrolet S10

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I changed the cap and wires .. no improvement..changed the pick up coil and the module..I have no spark at terminal 1 & 2 changed the coil ,,still no spark on 1 & 2 what's the Problem ??
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Need more info. on your engine like what size! Define terminal 1 or 2. Do you mean no high voltage spark to the plugs?
Battery voltage (12v) and ignition spark (30kv) are two different things.
Hello I have no spark at all at the distributor on 1 and 2 terminals ..3 and 4 fire 1 and 2 are dead from the cap.. 1992 Chevy s 10 2.5L 4 cly 2 wd Installed a rebuilt Dist. and still the same
Does the engine start and try to run on two cylinders? If the cap and rotor are not busted and installed
correctly i think it is impossible for two cylinders not to fire FROM THE DIST. CAP when the other two do fire.
Especially with all the parts you have installed. How are you checking for fire?
I changed the cap twice the firing went from 2 and 3 to 3 and 4 no number one or 2 this time..
I changed the Distributor and now all cylinders are firing.. the rebuilt was defective... now it still runs rough.. What does the anti knock sensor do.?/ and the engine management computer do??
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