Q: I got the code P0303 and P0300,P0301,P0302 old code.Engine misfire at idle. on 2001 Toyota Camry

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Valve cover gasket is leaking. cylinder 3 has oil.spark plug was changed in 08/2013.Sparkplug wire set looks ok.
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If you want to FIX this, replace the complete vave cover gasket 'SET'. Oil that has leaked in around the spark plugs will cause these misfires/codes. Replace plugs and wires! Toyota's really work well with "NGK" plugs and plug wire sets! And vice versa!!
Hi. Thank you very much. Your suggestion solved my problem.No more Engine code. No more Misfiring.I have changed valve cover gasket by myself.Gasket cost me $15.I also replaced Danso spark plug wires set. Spark plugs were already changed. Thank you And appreciated for your big help. God bless you.