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Q: i got the car to run... i drove for a few then stalled on 1996 Acura Integra

so i did what u said auto tech pat.....checked voltage and u put me in the right after running some voltage test, i ended up at the ignition switch....i followed the wires down to the fuse box... i noticed that one of the fuses was blown. it was number the number 2 slot in the interior fuse box.....the owners manual states {15A acg(ig)}. i replaced the fuse and the car started.... i drove it around the block, it was good. came back .........drove it again and it shut off on me, it turned right back on and i got it home......sat for a while thinking.(maybe just a fluke....) check around that fuse was still good..... so i turn it on again so i can goto work, as soon as i pulled out .....boom it cut of again. did not turn back on... just keep turning and turning.....left it home and went to work.......7 hours later i get home from work, and the car turns on wit no problem........whats goin on!!!
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OK this will be long bare with me.
The important fuses in the interior fuse box are fuses #18 (7.5Amp fuse) supplies power to the main relay/fuel pump relay, if that fuse blows I believe the yellow check engine light won't come on when you turn on the ignition key to on. Fuse #24 (15 Amp)supplies power to the main relay as well. Fuse #24 is directly below where the wires that come from the ignition switch plug in to the fuse box. Are we talking about the same fuse? What you you called #2 fuse is it the fuse I just mentioned or is it the bottom row of fuses. The bottom row of fuses starting from the rear and moving forward. First is a spare, then the second fuse and then the next fuse Acura call #2 and it on my diagrams say is not used and doesn't matter if a fuse is there or not.
Look for the main relay/ fuel pump it is just next to the fuse box. The wires are yellow/white, black/yellow, yellow/black, blue/white, green/blue,yellow/green and black. The relay is about inch and a half high, two inchs long, inch wide.
When the car won't start, slap the relay as you crank over the car, if the car starts bad relay.
Turn ignition key to run position the black/yellow has to be live or the fuel pump won't run (it is live through the fuse you said blew), if this wire is not live go back to the ignition switch and wiggle the harness as you try to start the car will it start then, if so electrical part of ignition switch is bad. The yellow/green wire brings power out to the fuel pump.
With a fuse in a fuse holder temporarily bring power to the fuel pump wire the fuel pump should be heard to run or the pump is bad.
Looking forward to hearing you found the problem. You are close.
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