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Q: i got a high idle in park and n mass air is clean and new pcv line and valve on 2004 Buick Rendezvous

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i have been replacing parts like crazy trying to figure this out due to high idle in drive i can hit 55 with out touching the gas but trasmission now shifts funny and crazy due to high idle pcv valve has been changed and the line that runs to throtel body to pcv valve tech at a shop suggested that and i also have a new idle air control sens in but still have a high idle
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Incorrect idle speed, trans. shifts erratic are both classic symptoms of an out of range throttle position sensor. Might as well throw a tps at it too! NAPA part # MPF319187 or have a mechanic scan test it with a scanner, not a code reader, as to check live data for tps readings from closed throttle to wide open throttle. Also can be tested directly with a dvom! Graphing dvom even better!! Without proper testing, may never find the problem!
well changed the part and did not change anything at all i am stumped i have had it in shop once already tech thought he knew what it was and that was not it either but today while driving it home i listened to it and you can hear something change sound like mass air flow noise is coming from left side but only way i can hear it is windows up and driving slower to cut road noise down so far i have change the pcv valve and line running to throttle body tps sensor idle air control sensor now none of this started until after i bought a new air filter and put it in but nothing is wrong with it or installation of it the transmission shifts all funny but if i take it real slow and let the car idle high like it does the tran shifts just fine i had no problems with it till the high 2500 3k idle before all this it over heated once on me and i changed water pump and realized i needed a radiator the upper hose on old one would pop off due to plastic being weather were upper hose mounts and the thermostat is new as well so is the ( not sure if this is right word heat temp sensor) there by thermostat i have done a lot and wont give up on a buick but i am also lost hate takening i just had a baby i only make 14 an hr and the women cant work but buy all these parts yes in long run its good but dang when will i figure this out im going broke and the shop will break me
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Is there a cable to the throttle ? Or a box on the side of the throttle with several wires plugged into it. Have a thought if I had the right information.
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When your throttle motor is acting up, stop throwing parts at it; This unit is controlled by the computer. Have had bad throttle motors, but have also had bad wire connections from the throttle pedal to the computer. and from the computer to the throttle control motor. Please stop spending the money that doesn't fix tour problem. You might ask a good person to scan the components for you and see if they are reading properly. Most of us would rather do that for you so we can actually help you find your problem. Give A Try. Thanks (Let me know if I can help further).
i took it to sears auto today and dropped it off diag will find out tomorrow what the problem is
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THAT'S GREAT; I have one in here now that another shop replaced the MAF, then unplugged it, charged him for it and said it runs better with it unplugged. His purge solenoid valve was stuck open creating a vacuum leak. It runs good now, hope he gets his money back on the MAF. Have a great day.
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