Q: i got a flat on the front,right passanger side. on 1997 Toyota Avalon

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i took the tire off and you can wiggle the hub with your hands. when i park the car straight, the driver side tire is in straight alignment. the front passanger tire is leaning outward. i was told it was the rack and pinion by one machanic. i was told it was the hub bearings by another.
i cant aford to take it to a garage, so im fixing it myself. i think that because im female. machanics are just giving me the run around
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Either way this is not a DIY repair regardless of gender unless very car savvy!! Tough for a seasoned tech. with proper tools sometimes.
Sorry, just the way it is!
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sounds like the hub bearing has gone bad. if it was the rack and pinion i would think they would both wiggle. does it wiggle when you wiggle from top and bottom or just side to side?
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