Q: I get misfire when engine start to get hot, shaking and shuts off or continue on 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

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to shake till it clears out after 4 to 5 minutes. OBDII code says P0352 ignition coil b, primary / secondary circuit. (if not coil pack and plug wire, what will it be the problem. Couse I change those already)
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P0352 sets when the computer tries to fire that half of the coil pack. There should be voltage present at pin 3 of connector #1, its a dark blue/tan wire that comes from pin #1 of the coil pack. When the computer turns on the coil it pulls that voltage to ground for about 6-8 ms (milliseconds) and the computer should see less than .5v on that wire at that time. When it fires the coil it does so by turning the circuit off, and the voltage should spike (over 300v) and then return to the source voltage of 12v. A technicians task is to take the place of the computer and measure the circuit and prove why the computer is reporting that the circuit is failing. Since you have already been changing some parts, it is necessary to step back, take a deep breath and start all over and test. The problem is essentially the coil pack, its connector, the wire to the PCM, it's connector, or the PCM itself. HTH

Well that coil B primary/secondary circuit is crank shaft censer I found out and fix the problem yesterday. But never buy aftermarket censer Couse this was the cause of all this confusion. Thank you all