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Q: I get computer error: Evaporative emissions leak (small). on 2005 Hyundai Elantra

Changed gas cap.
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That will be last resort.
Where is the canister, purge valve? by gas tank and or back of engine?

Thanks in advance
So instead of finding the leak first and fixing it, you are willing to just buy parts and install them wheather it needs it or not? Ok, i guess you might eventually get it right. It's your money!
No I am not going to buy parts and replace one by one until I get it right. I wanted to unplug the hose from purge valve and see if there is any vacuum. If no vacuum then I know it is the valve. The canister and valves are all together under the vehicle.
I already have a canister and purge valve off another car.It is easy enough to switch and see if it is that. If not I put the old one on and have a smoke test.
I never said I was just going buy parts and install them whether it needs it or not? I am not spending no money!! Only if I have a smoke test.

Thank You for your answer.

Is your spell check working? wheather, correct spelling, whether.
First mistake i ever 'maid'. But I know you read it now! You see, everything i do is carefully planed... All that aside, how much is a smoke test in NY.? Maybe i don't get enough for that down here in the sticks.

Cheap tablet, no spell checker, but you did a fine job, so i guess i don't need it!!!!
This has to do with your oxygen sensors there are two one on the top of the engine one on the bottom by the exhaust pipe. They look like plugs. If your error mentions something about bank 1 or 2. Then it is the OS sensors. I went through this, the engine light on, started at the gas cap the 3 times thing, replaced. Had to pay for the real diagnostics to find for positive. Hope this helps.
First thing and it's really easy is open the hood and look at the engine block "recommend removing plastic cover/shield first then have a look around and try to find a hose with a little plug at the end of it feeding into the top of ur engine. The hose is or should not be very thick and the plug feeds into the smallest hole on top of the engine it is called the PCV Valve u can do one of 2 things pull it out and make sure hose is clear and clean the PCV Valve (plug) u can use a can of wd40 if u have that brand or something like it just look on google for a comparison if u don't have it. Or secondly replace this can be done by either ordering through manufacturer/Dealership or at an auto part store.

If it isn't then u or someone who has the knowledge and tools will need to check and replace oxygen sensor for exhaust system u can easily find a wealth of information on the Internet I recommend u tube because that way u can watch someone show u exactly what to do on the same model and year of car ur enquiring about, use ur smartphone and pause the video between each step while doing the replacement urself.
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