Q: i get codes b0035 b0040 b0110 on 2004 GMC Envoy

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b0 035 ads closed/shorted to ground what the means? b0040 left front/driver side deployment loop resistance low b0110 side impact module left rear high circuit is less than 2.4 volts what ads means thanks
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The following are possible causes of the malfunction:

* A short between the side-impact module-LF high circuits and low circuits.
* An open or a high resistance in the side-impact module-LF high circuits or low circuits.
* A short to ground or a short to voltage in the side-impact module-LF high circuits or low circuits.
* A malfunctioning side-impact module-LF connector
* A malfunctioning SDM connector
* A malfunctioning side-impact module-LF
* A malfunctioning SDM

Thoroughly inspect the wiring and the connectors. An incomplete inspection of the wiring and the connectors may result in a misdiagnosis, causing a part replacement with the reappearance of the malfunction.
The following can cause an intermittent condition:

* A short between the EFS signal and voltage circuits
* High or low resistance in the EFS signal and voltage circuits
* Inspect the EFS signal and voltage circuits carefully for cutting and/or chafing
* Verify that the correct EFS is installed in the vehicle
can you tolme where is the side impact module this is a 2004 gmc envoy thankyou bery much i clear the codes and the abs lght come on again scaned same codes again
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It appears to be at the base of the lower console.
1. Disable the supplemental inflatable restraint (SIR) system.
2. Remove the floor console.
3. Partially remove the console mounting bracket in order to allow access to the rear carpet.
4. Position the rear carpet in order to access the sensing and diagnostic module (SDM).
5. Disconnect the electrical connectors (2) from the SDM (1).
6. Remove the nuts that retain the SDM to the floor panel.
7. Remove the SDM from the vehicle.
now i replace both sides wheel hub asembly and now i get codes C0040 and C0110 is there any more fuses i can cheke
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