Q: I found sludge in my radiator today. on 2001 Pontiac Firebird

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This car is gonna be the death of me.
Any suggestions on a cheap fix for this issue?
I am going to flush it tomorrow but I know this will only be a temp fix. This could cause serious issues if not taken care of asap.
I am assuming that my temp gage not working has contribbuted to this.
What is your true opinion on these 2001 firebirds?
(1) Answer
sounds like someone put in green antifreeze when it should be dexcool have it flushed by a good pro and fill it with green. i will probably get flack for this but fill it with green. dexcool has major issues with wearing and actually eating things like water pumps and alluminum. their was major law suits at 85000km (sorry Im canadian) when they claim 150000km.