Q: I changed the engine out from my 2003 express cargo van and put in a 2006 engine on 2003 Chevrolet Express 3500

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When I got ready to start the van I had a bad gase leak around 2 of the injectors. I fixed the leak but when I went back to start it I had no fire to plugs and no gase to the fuel rails. I checked the fuel pump and it works when I hot wire it. I checked all the fuses in the fuse box under the hood. I can,t find anything else that would stop it from firing up. The relays seem to be ok. Where does the fire come from that goes to the coil pack where is it routed from. I have no enorsha switch. I don,t think I have a theft switch. The 2006 looks just as the 2003 I only changed the intake on the top and the fuel pipe that came from one side fuel rail to the other because the fuel rail I have on the o3 has two lines coming off the rail one going back to the tank, and the o6 has only one. On the side of my fuel tube is a fuel regulator and I don,t remeimber one on the o6. Can u help me out?
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