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Q: i changed plugs & wires then eng would turn but not start. on 1994 Buick LeSabre

then changed plugs again it started right up . drove it ran good then it sat over nite & would not start this morning. thanks for any help.
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After getting more info than was first posted, which always helps, hold gas pedal to the floor while cranking next time to see if it helps.. Can pull the wires off one of the coils to check for ignition fire between coil towers while helper cranks engine. Dont cross wires when putting them back on, easy to do!! Post the results. Were the 'other' spark plug tips wet when you pulled them out after cranking on the engine? BTW, This can be tested with a scanner for possible TPS or CTS issue which can also cause yout trouble.
plugs were not wet after cranking eng. i have tried holding the pedel to floor while trying to start.
Then check for fuel if plugs were not wet! If any engine has no fire but has fuel then the spark plugs will be wet when removed!! How much fuel pressure in psi is "good" on your test gauge?............................well???
pushrod i thought my son had checked fuel psi before 2nd set of plugs but he hadn't. i am going to rent a tester today. i also have checked fire it's getting fire.
Well i be dipped in s..t! Welcome to the world of intermittent's!! We get them all the time. I usually have testing equipment at the ready.
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Just don't see changing plugs made the difference, then work good, then don't work again. Has to be something else, bad connection that was moved while changing plugs, has to be something else. Loose ground, moisture, the plugs themselves just doesn't sound right.
i am not much at working on cars changeing plugs/wires & oil & brakes thats about it. i checked to see conections but i could have over looked something. could you tell me how/where to check grounds? iy was hard to start 1 cold mornibg before i changed plugs & i pump gas pedel 1 time & it started.
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There should be grounds from the battery to the engine, battery to the body/fender, back of engine to the firewall, bolts on the engine intake check to make sure none loose, dirty, or broken. Check connections on sensors, etc. Do you have a spark tester.
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