Q: I changed my battery, starter and altenator in my van. wont start on 2003 Chevrolet Venture

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Changed it all and had someone double check all wires and plugs to make sure everything was pluged back in. Put key in ignition and the lights come on and the bells ding and i hear the gas kick in but when i go to turn the key over, NOTHING. Can anyone give my any ideas? Need help ASAP.
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Neutral safety switch?... Starter relay?... Have you tried to crank it in neutral?... Headlights dim AT ALL when trying to crank??... Battery voltage on the small wire at starter with key turned, and held in the START position???
I will have to ask but i think we tryed that. i know we had to get to the starter and cross it over with a screw driver when the key is turned on and it will start. or we ran a wire from the starter and touched hot cable and it will start too.
So the testing begins!!... I don't type so you may find some something on YouTube that will help... What is needed is a flow chart of the starting system... Good luck with it!