Q: I can't get the car to go from park to any gear. on 1998 Lincoln Town Car

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Took the car to the state inspector, he said there was a problem w/the emergency brake holding. No problem before that. I took the car home and parked it(driveway is on an incline). When I started it the next day, it wouldn't shift out of park. When my mom gave me the car she told me to push some button in the trunk before raising the car to remove the tires. I don't know if the inspector did that before taking the tires off to inspect the brakes. Don't really know if that mattered. But I would like to know why I can't shift out of! By the way, he said he had a Town Car like this one(so I would think he would know to do that before removing the tires...
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yes, parked in my driveway w/o parking brake on. I'm thinking since the parking brake light doesn't come on, could it be locked w/the parking brake on and I can't see it? And my driveway is incline...
Possible binding on park pawl in trans., pull on shifter a little harder with foot on brake.
Also possible shifter interlock problem, check to see if brake lights work, if not check fuses.