Q: i can,t get my fuel tank button to work can,t get fuel on 2008 Nissan Quest

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just had my car battery go out
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Check fuse #22 (15 Amp) in the fuse box. Remove the trim panel inside the car near the fuel filler, there is usually a way to manually open the lid.
The User Manual doesn't mention what any of the fuses are for. I got a copy of the fuse location from the dealer and it is spo cryptic I still can't figure it out. I had the Auxillary Power Adapter (the one on the left of the two that are below the dash) go out and I can't figure out which fuse to replace. There are so many fuses in so many locations you need to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this out. BTW - does anyone know the location oof the Auxillary Power (cigarette lighter adapter) fuse?? I think I have pulled every frick'n fuse out looking for it!
There's normally a manual release in the trunk/cargo area. The owners manual will tell you the exact location.