Q: i cant figure it out some one please help alternator or ??? on 2006 Toyota Tundra

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I have a 2006 toyota tundra v6 4.0L i have replaced the Alternator, battery and positive battery cable, when the car is first at idle the Alternator seems to charge fine 13.90volts until the truck idles down they i only get 9volts witch is what the old one was doing and why i replaced it can some one please tell me something i have missed i replaced the battery with an after market cable because it had been cut and replaced before and if had replaced the end it would have been to short the battery is brand new as of 3 weeks ago
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Your charge rate is computer controled. Load test the vehicle's charging system. Turn on headlights, A/C, windshield wipers, at idle and measure the voltage.

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with the air radio and head lights on at (with car in drive) idle i get 13.70volts if i switch off the AC it drop almost instantly to 9volts
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Looks like the system is fine, the computer only charges when battery voltage drops below a predetermined threshold.
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