Q: I cannot get the caliper mounting bracket bolts off to replace the front rotors. on 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

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Three of the four bolts (both sides) are seized and the heads are stripped.
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What kind (brand) of tools are you using? Never had a problem with these bolts using the correct size, quality tool!!
Using Craftsman mechanic grade 13mm socket and wrench. I've never had a problem like this before either in 40+ years. The car does have 106,000 miles on it. I presoaked them all in WD40 and even tried heating with a blow torch and alternating heat and WD40. The heads just rounded off. Then I resorted to vice-grips and a hammer because there was nothing left for the socket to grip onto. Nothing!
Nothing wrong with the tools! You know why i ask, some are junk! Maybe try a good 1/2" six point socket and drive it on the head of the bolt, if anything left of it.
Man, good luck!!

Ps, you may have to cut the bolts and then replace the spindle, if they wont come out then. Keep trying though, you can get those bolts!
Thanks. I bought a 12mm socket and will try some Pblaster. It's a citrus based rust breaker and have been told it is better than WD40 for this type of thing.
Good stuff, use it all the time. Spray the hell out of the bolts let it sit, spray some more let that sit! You get the idea. May take overnight to be effective. The 12mm may be too small, 1/2 is just a smidge smaller than the 13mm. Always use six point sockets!