Q: I can only fill my gas tank up a a very slow pace. error codes p0446 0441 on 2004 Scion xA

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It takes me so long to fill my gas tank it keeps stopping like there is something in the tube, plus there is alot of pressure released when taking the gas cap off.
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Just watched a video on youtube that showed where wasps had made a nest in one of the hoses under the car and that hose came from the gas tank area. Said that the gas tank was slow to fill due to pressure from the plugged up hose. Might want to have someone look under the car and see if it's a stopped up hose.
I have an 2005 xb and it started having the same problem this summer! Nobody seems to know what the problem is! I need help!
I figured it out,all you have to do is turn the pump nozzle upside down and you you can pump it normal speed.