Q: I believe I have a grounding problem. on 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

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I've gone through 3 rebuilt alternators in the past year. I have an aftermarket stereo pumping 200 Watts which I'm sure stresses the electrics (but with no headlight dimming). My starter starts clicking when things are starting to go bad (for the alternator) and it's clicking again. I want to find out wazzup with the grounding and improve it - how do I check and what do you recommend? (I can't find any grounding kits specific to the VR-4.) Would a stereo amp capacitor help?
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I would suspect the alternator is not capable of putting out enough amperage for your electrical loads. It would be good to turn on all your loads put an inductive amp meter on the battery lead and see what the draw is and then see what the alternator is rated at. See with alternator rebuilders if they have an up graded/higher out put alternator available.
Thx. I will do that. I had thought that 110 Amps would cover all things but perhaps not.
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