Q: I am still having the same problem. on 2001 Mercury Mountaineer

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I tighten the bolts, but it still not shifting to drive is stays on second. Would this mean that I would have to replace the shift cable or is their other options?
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The 2 bolts for the shift gear under the dash board next to the steering coloumn. That's all I have done. Took it for a test drive to see if the gear maintains on drive. But it goes to second gear. Could it also be the shift interlock solenoid.
Shift interlock is meant to keep you from shifting out of park without your foot on the brake.What happened that the bolts were loose to start with? that will help us understand what happened and what you're trying to fix. Does your gear selector indicator indicate the gear selected properly?park and nuetral? does it start in any other selection besides park and nuetral?
The gear selector indicator incate the gear selected properly. The car does not start at any other selection besides park and neutral. what next? what other option can there be?
Probably , to save money (and aggravation) in the long run , it's time to bring it to a shop to get the adjustment on the trans end of the cable checked. your selector indicator in the car may not be accurately reflecting where the manual lever on the trans really is. That adjustment may be best done by either a trans shop , or a regular shop that is familiar with that problem. If you need to do it yourself , then i would strongly suggest getting the best info you can before attempting to make adjustments on your own. Sometimes those adjustments are easier with two persons.
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