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Q: I am in desperate need of help with this. I'd appreciate all you could give me; on 2001 Chevrolet S10

I have done a tune-up on my 2001 Chevrolet S-10, 4.3 liter. This was done in the last six months. I've changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, mass air flow sensor, O2 sensor, cleaned my K&N air filter, oil change, etc., but still she's giving me trouble.
This is exactly what she's doing;
While taking off at normal speed, she'll shake immediately after changing gears, (she's a five speed). If I take my foot off of the gas, then compress it again gently, she'll stop the shaking, and drive normally. This also happens up a hill. I have to keep down shifting, as she loses power bad. She'll try to pull up a hill, but shake bad, as the 'check engine' light comes on and flashes. The light will go off after the blinking stops.
She maintains the code PO452, which is the emissions system, though I am not finding anything wrong in that area. I've cleared the code many times, but it is still maintained. I've even considered the catalytic converter, but it is in perfect working order.
I have took very good care of her, as there is there nothing cheap on her. I have much work for other people, and rarely have time for my own stuff, but I could use another mind on this one, as I am trouble shooting here. I am at a loss of patience, time and money.. Please give me all the help you can.
Thanks and God bless.
Al Yell
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Read the link bellow it is for a Chevy Blazer but is similar to your vehicle's code P0452
But this code is an evaporative emission problem and would not give the drivability problem you are describing.
I would verify fuel pressure and fuel delivery volume. Then I would attach a professional grade scan tool. I would read the trouble codes stored and the freeze frame information stored when the codes were set. A professional grade scan tool you can look at raw engine sensor data and see what the computer is seeing and what the computer sees when the car is faultering when you are driving. It allows you to see sensor information straight from the scan tool screen without having to do intrusive testing at each sensor.Some portable scopes and scan tools allow a "playback" feature where you drive the car experience the glitch and replay the data stream information at the point where the car experienced a drivability issue. You can see for instance the computer in your car for a moment lost the reading for air entering the engine at the moment the engine faltered , or the O2 sensors went "lean" maybe signifying a loss of fuel, you may see long term fuel trim figures and short term fuel trim figures are lean (then you would look for a fuel problem).The information can help determine what is wrong.
As I appreciate your help, I have recently changed out my O2 sensors, regular tune-up, and things which needed done, whether for the help of this problem or not. Nothing seems to help.
I thank you for giving your advice. It is appreciated.
God bless; Al
if u havent done the actual distributor yet i would recommend that!
i rebuilt my motor. pistons, bore, valve job, cam, and all it really needed was a distributor with 174000 miles. but now shes a peach. other than my clutch issue...
Hope you have a sense of humor..Because my 09 and my 99 Toyota Tacoma would do the same thing..speed up Slow down..Would get the shakes till I changed gears..No problem Getting it UP the Hills..Turned out to be just a loose NUT BEHIND THE WHEEL.ME...LOL. And your little white S10 would look better with blue head light caps..ALL joking aside..hope you figured it out..and all is well..USED PARTS PLUS..
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