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Q: I am hearing a knocking sound all the time. on 2007 Nissan Versa

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when I start my car in the morning, the knocking is heavy and I can hear it all the time but low after engine is heated up.
Car has 85K miles on it.
I dont know whether it is the problem with ignition timing or spark plugs.
Please help me
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Sorry, I dont know what you mean by sitcatto knocking.
The sound is very annoying.
I could better explain you if you give me some examples of sitcatto and others

Please help me

sticatto knock would be like some one knocking on your door rapidly. Chattering would be like a baseball card in the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
Then it is more like Chaterring sound.
Heavy when i first start the vehicle and then after 5 miles it is audible but not much.
It is more than likley valve chatter. when did you last have the oil changed and inspected? what does the oil pressure gauge read?
I baught this vehicle when it has 83K miles on it and checked the oil at that time (it was not in good colour but level was good)
Immediatly i changed the oil with castrol EDGE(full synthetic) 5W-30
I changed the oil with premium filter (Bosch), but it has changed its colour again within 2000 miles. I was checking the level regularly and it shows excellent everytime and no smoke at all.
Please let me know if you need any other information.
It is possible that you have sludge build up in your oil pump or in the top end of the motor causing poor oil circulation and lack of lubrication in your valve train. If you change the oil your self there is are products at auto parts store that help clean out sludge. Lucas makes a good sludge remover. I would start there. Just follow the directions on the bottle. Most of them say in a warm engine, pour "x" amount in the oil fil tube run engine in driveway for "x" amount of time then change oil imedeatly. You can follow the same procedure if you have the oil changed commercialy. Also monitor your oil pressure gauge, referance the reading when engine is war to the specified pressure in your owners manual. Idealy the needle should be some were in the middle of the gauge or reading about 40psi.
Thank you very much for letting me know that and have an idea of what is happening.
I also have a quick question that if oil pump has sludge build up and doesn't pump correctly, why am i hearing that noise when the engine is heated up sufficiently.(Is my pump that bad?)
I will definitely try using that sludge remover from lucas and keep in touch with you.
I request you to reply me whenever I have a doubt.

By the way - which product of lucas do you want me to use?

Once again thank you

I will catch you later after trying that.
If it is a sluge issue, it will plug oil galleys in the top end of the motor or restrict the pump from creating enough lubrication. As far as the lucas product to use just sluge remover.
I changed the oil with flush. I couldn't find lucas, so used NAPA brand flush and I can hardly find 10% improvement.(10% better - feels lubricated but again hearing it)
This time I used Mobil advanced full synthetic (High Mileage)
Please let me know the other chances.
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