Q: I am having severe electrical issues with my car. My interior lights flicker. on 1995 Buick Riviera

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Sometimes my air bag light comes on sometimes stays on and sometimes flickers along with all other interior lights and when using my headlights it does the same.My security light has started coming on and sometimes doesn't. We have replace the computer brain and it is not it. When hooking the computer to the car it does not put out any codes to what is wrong with it! The mechanics can't figure it out that I have had trying to fix it. Please if anyone has any idea please let me know.
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Locate a service shop in your area that specializes in automotive electronics. Its sounds like you have short in the electrical system that is casuing the massive problems you descibe.
Yeah that is what I have been thinking! I just can't believe my dad's mechanics can't find the problem. Thank you.